Structure My Deal in Naperville, IL | Near Chicago

Save Time. Buy Online.  

Here at Continental Audi of Naperville, we're always eager to save you time, paperwork, and legwork while providing you with your dream Audi model. That's why we're introducing "Structure My Deal," which guides through the steps to complete your purchase online - except for signing the paperwork and taking delivery of your vehicle!  The best part you can do this without leaving the comfort of your own home or office. We've streamlined the process to make things easier and more effortless than ever.  The tool is available when you select a vehicle and view it's Vehicle Description Page.  Here's a quick look at each step.

Step 1: Value Your Trade-In     Save 30 Minutes

It's nice to know your buying power before you start the financing process, so let us provide you with an accurate trade-in value without making you come down to our showroom. Just supply your vehicle's year, make, model, trim level, and body style, or the unique 17-character Vehicle Identification Code (VIN), which can normally be found in your records or printed on the driver's side dashboard. We'll offer an instant trade-in estimate.

Step 2: Personalize Payments     Save 50 Minutes

Once you know the value of your current model, you'll naturally want to know how much you might be paying each month on your new or used vehicle. Just provide us with the value of your trade-in, the amount you owe on that model, and the amount of additional cash you can provide as a down payment. We'll let you know the amount financing needs to cover and give you an estimate of your monthly payment.

Step 3: Prequalify for Credit      Save 30 Minutes

Nobody likes worrying about being turned down due to a poor credit history. If you're concerned about your credit, our online financing form can determine whether or not we can provide financing options that will work for you. If you're not worried about getting prequalified for credit, just go right ahead and skip to step 4.

Step 4: Apply for Credit      Save 1.5 Hours

Start the finance process right away by applying for credit immediately. We'll process your application before having one of our finance experts call you to discuss your options. All sensitive data will be encrypted before transmission, so you won't have to worry about having any of your data compromised.

Get In Touch to Learn More

The Continental Audi of Naperville Structure My Deal feature lets you apply for financing from Joliet, check your monthly payments in Aurora, or get a trade-in value on your vehicle while you're in Naperville. It's just one of the steps we've taken to make things easier. If you'd like the find out more, just contact us today.