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April is a time for celebration, both for the introduction of warmer weather and because it’s National Car Care Month. Spend some time on basic vehicle maintenance so you can spend less time and money at the mechanic. Just follow our short guide below, and you’ll be well on your way to smooth driving for the rest of the year.

Continental Audi’s National Car Care Month Tips

Clean it up

Whether we’re talking about the interior or the exterior, we can all be a little better about keeping our cars clean. Take a few minutes to clean out any clutter riding around in your interior. Your passengers will thank you for it. 


Additionally, taking your car in for regular washing and waxing will help your vehicle’s body maintain a fresh look while also remaining durable against corrosive materials. 

Change your oil

Getting regular oil changes is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to elongate a car’s lifespan. If you do nothing else for National Car Care Month, at least consider changing your vehicle’s oil. Doing this will help prevent your engine’s parts from grinding against one another and wearing down, which will prevent your engine from failing. 


Luckily, this task can be quick and easy to perform yourself. Just make sure you change your oil according to your vehicle’s manufacturer’s specifications. 

Inspect your brakes

Winter’s inclement weather causes less-than-ideal road conditions, which necessitates that we liberally use our brakes if we’re going to drive safely. Unfortunately, this can also degrade our brakes over time. 


Listen closely for squeaking, crunching, or cracking sounds when you press on your brakes. If you hear any of these sounds, it’s a good indication that you should take your vehicle in for an inspection. 

Check your tires

Just as driving through inclement weather can take a toll on our brakes, our tires can also undergo a lot of wear and tear during the winter. Now’s the time to make sure you can continue driving on your tires safely. First, check your tire pressure. Then, check the tread on your tires by using the penny test

Get Your Car Ready for Summer in Naperville, IL

Whether you’re trying to make your current vehicle last, or you’re in the market for a new or used vehicle, we want to help. Schedule an appointment at our Audi Service Center today to get your vehicle ready for the rest of the year. We have the people and parts to make sure you’re good to go.

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