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Audi’s safety features are designed to give you a smarter and more convenient drive, from parking to changing lanes, and to foreseeing what you can’t. Audi safety features empower you to know more and decide what you do with that knowledge. Read more about Audi’s safety systems by referring to our overview below and learn why you want these safety features in your vehicle.

Explore Dynamic Safety Features From Audi

?Your Audi works to see where you can’t in order to fill in the gaps. Park assist and Audi side assist create visual warnings and warning lights as the systems track your surroundings on the road. Audible warnings will alert you as you approach obstacles when parking, so that navigating the trickier aspects of driving is solved. Audi side assist monitors traffic behind you and warns you when you are attempting to change lanes if there is a vehicle in your blind spot by conveniently flashing an LED light in your exterior mirror.

Available night vision assistant uses a long-range infrared camera to react to thermal energy from surroundings. The information is converted to black and white images, which you can view on the Audi virtual cockpit. Pedestrians are highlighted in yellow if they are far enough from your path or red if they are not, complete with a warning sound.

Audi’s speed limit display uses cameras to analyze current speed limits and conditions to warn you when necessary. Your Audi will suggest the maximum speed by showing it on your optional Head-Up Display.

Audi adaptive cruise control with stop and go helps accelerate, brake, and maintain speed and distance to make every aspect of your drive easier for you to handle. Radars, cameras, laser scanners, and ultrasonic sensors all combine to keep you in control of your environment, even as it changes. You can worry less and enjoy more in your Audi. The system includes the following additional services:
  • ?Active lane assist: Provides steering guidance to keep your vehicle stable when irregularities naturally occur.
  • Traffic jam assist: Navigating through traffic is made easier with ultrasonic sensors to identify surroundings, keeping your vehicle performing and your mind from worrying.
Find Audi Models With These Safety Features in Naperville, IL
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