It’s just as important that you have your car washed regularly as it is to have any kind of scheduled maintenance or service. The way a 10,000-mile service visit protects the inner workings of your Audi from wear and tear, a car wash can do the same for the exterior.

Fortunately, your local Audi dealership provides expert car washes completely free of charge to our customers.  

Continental Audi of Naperville Customers Get Free Car Washes

Why should you wash your Audi regularly?

Your car is an investment, and it’s one you should be proud of. Washing your car regularly is a great way of showing you care. Not to mention, a luxury vehicle like your Audi deserves the care and attention of frequent cleaning.

A good car wash is also essential to maintaining your car’s value. If you let dirt, dust, and other acidic substances like salt build up on your car, it can damage the underlying paint and even cause rust. Pollen season and summertime might sound like the most important times to keep your car clean, but it’s even more important to have your car washed in winter. Salt and brine treatments used to lessen ice buildup are more corrosive than anything else.

To avoid this kind of damage to your car, you should consider having it washed as often as twice a month. If that sounds expensive to you, or if you don’t feel like you’re equipped to properly detail your Audi, we have good news.

Why should Continental Audi be your Naperville car wash?

We’re pleased to offer our customers a complimentary car wash anytime they visit our dealership. That’s a car wash for your Audi anytime during our business hours, at your convenience, completely free of charge.

Our detailing squad also has the advantage of knowing your Audi inside and out. They know all the best methods for keeping your car pristine, down to those hard to reach spots where dirt and grime might build up. Every time you bring your car to us, you’ll drive away with a car as clean as the day you bought it.

Visit Continental Audi of Naperville for a Free Car Wash

To take advantage of our complimentary car wash services, get in touch with the Service Center at Continental Audi of Naperville. You can schedule service or bring your car in anytime we’re open, and we’ll make sure you’re taken care of.

We’re proud to serve Naperville, Illinois, as well as the surrounding areas of Chicago and Aurora, and we hope to see you soon.

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