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Audi Celebrates 35 years of quattro

Hard to believe that 35 years ago, game-changing automotive technology hit the market, and wowed everyone who saw it. We're talking about quattro on Audi vehicles, of course, and to celebrate, we here at Continental Audi of Naperville think watching this wonderful video tribute is a good way to celebrate.

What's crazy is that people weren't initially sold on quattro. It wasn't until they saw it in action that everyone at…

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2016 Audi Q7 Stars in Chicago

At the 2015 Chicago Auto Show, we got our very first look at the new 2016 Audi Q7 and the new model certainly didn't disappoint its fans.

As detailed in the clip below, the 2016 Q7 is 700 pounds lighter than its predecessor and more fuel efficient as a result.

Additionally, the Q7 also displays dynamic performance, especially when paired to its newly-available four-cylinder engine.

You'll also love the fact that the Q7…

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Audi A3 Redefines the term 'Compact'

The luxury-compact sedan segment is an incredibly popular one, and one of the most popular members of that segment is the Audi A3. The model has earned this status for its design features, and, for another aspect; spaciousness. See that last attribute shown off in spades in the new A3 ad, below.

Impressive stuff, isn't that? Indeed, the A3 interior is so spacious you just may prefer to be driven in it, as opposed…

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Reassurance Times Four

Life gets messy sometimes, and that is a given. What also is known is the fact that when an emergency arises, we will have the proper rescue vehicle should it be needed. Sometimes this isn't the case when roads are particularly dangerous to attempt to make it out, even in life or death situations.

This is where Audi comes in. Thanks to Quattro all-wheel drive technology, when such an event occurred, a doctor was…

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Audi Announces Expansion Plans

Recently, Audi announced plans to expand their plants and throw more technology into their cars thanks to an increase of $2.5 billion in their investment through 2019. This puts their total for investment up to about $24 billion. Connectivity and lightweight construction are also areas Audi is going to focus on, and there's sure to be some great things coming out as a result. We're sure the inclusion of two new factories…

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Control in All Conditions: Audi Quattro All-Wheel Drive

There's nothing like having your hands wrapped around the wheel and taking control of a luxury vehicle; our favorite German automaker offers models with nothing less than the highest quality materials and most elegant looks with aggressive performance. However, they also offer superb handling no matter what the weather looks like. Even in snow and ice, the Audi quattro all-wheel drive system will keep you on track and headed to your destination safely, putting…

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Meet the Future: the Audi Prologue

We're moving into winter motor show season, and that makes us about as excited as a kid on Christmas morning. For fans of Audi, one of our favorite holidays actually came early, as we were treated to a new model that showcases an exciting future for our preferred brand of luxury autos.

That car is the Prologue Concept, a vehicle that takes the existing refinement and luxurious treatments found on current models, and dials…

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Audi's Smart Engine Feature is All About Driver Comfort

The pleasure of driving an Audi is backed with the confidence that comes from a German-engineered performance vehicle, specifically designed to provide a comfortable and enjoyable driving experience.

And now, with Audi, you'll never have to sacrifice style and luxury for fuel efficiency, or vice-versa. Their innovative new Automatic Start Stop technology is available in select Audi models, and can produce fuel savings of up to an estimated 7%. That adds up!

Check out…

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Xcar Impressed with 2015 Audi TT

There's a new Audi TT generation coming folks - the third generation, to be exact - and it's looking to blow all the previous iterations out of the water. Of course, you don't have to take our word for it; we're a bit biased after all. Instead, listen to all the amazing things the folks at Xcar are saying as they driver their 2015 TT around the roads of Scotland. High power, high…

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Audi's Quattro Driveline Can Take You to the Mountain

Or to the hot springs. Or to a gala. Or, across the country.

Really, this impressive drivetrain can take you anywhere, in heavenly levels of comfort. Not convinced? Take a look at this Epic Drives episode from March, featuring the Audi S8 and a couple of hills known as the Colorado Rockies.

People love sports cars. But, they also like being able to get where you need to go. Sure, that $300,000 supercar looks…

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